NON-TAPERED or “STRAIGHT BARRELS” ( we hope they are all straight!) in a halfstock version. When discussing Hawken rifles it is best not to use the terms “always and never”. While most original Hawken barrels were tapered or slightly swamped, today's Hawken enthusiast can be well served with a straight barreled rifle. The reasons are pretty simple: non tapered barrels are readily available and are a bit less expensive. A 1” barrel across the flats in .54 or .58 caliber with a 36” barrel will weigh less than ten pounds, and about five ounces less with a 34” barrel. You will drop another five ounces with a 32” barrel for the man who wants a powerful, relatively light hunting rifle or off-hand target rifle.

Likewise, for the person wanting a dedicated rifle for the X-Stix Buffalo Hawken Match, it is hard to beat a straight 1 1/8” across the flats in .54 cal. with a 36” barrel. It is a bit heavy for most modern day shooters to carry and shoot off hand but it will for sure “go to sleep” when shot off X-Stix. The 1 1/8” straight barrel in .62 cal. at 32”-33” makes a devastating hunting combination.

A Boomer! This dedicated hunting rifle has Kodiak bear, Musk Ox, and Alligator hunting in it's future. The rifle features a Rice match grade .62 caliber 1 1/8" x 34" barrel with a hooked breech, bone pack case-colored iron furniture, R.E. Davis lock and double set triggers. The stock is a piece of rock hard maple for strength with enough figure and color to make it interesting. SOLD
This example of a non-tapered barrel Hawken features a 1" x 36" .54 caliber Rice barrel, R.E. Davis lock and triggers, browned iron furniture, and standard fancy wood. Weight is approximately 9lb 12oz. SOLD
Recently completed non-tapered barrel Hawken featuring a 1" x 36" H&H radius groove .56 caliber barrel, fancy maple stock, TOW hardware, R.E. Davis lock and Davis double set trigger, browned barrel and trigger guard, case hardened and colored furniture and fire blued screws. The striped maple stock is "rock" hard and is traditionally finished with aqua fortis and hand rubbed oil. The hickory ramrod is tapered and is tipped with a brass fitting to accept 8x32" threaded accessories. The sighting in target is shown as an example of what one may expect as a "rough" sighter target to get the point of impact close for the new owner. SOLD


Left-handed rifles are also available in some configurations. Basically the same gun as a right-hander, except backwards.