FULLSTOCK PERCUSSION GUNS are a Hawken variation that I really like. I use Don Stith's original J&S. HAWKEN pattern stocks and hardware on this gun. What is really unique about this rifle style is a barrel tapered from 1" down to 7/8" at the muzzle while only weighing 8 3/4lbs in .54 caliber. These are a premium rifle and are a bit different and desirable in that they are not the "typical" rifle seen at the rendezvous. I am currently fortunate enough to have Bob Roller make his superb Hawken locks that I use on this rifle. The Don Stith design/original copy fullstock gun is also available in a flintlock ignition; calibers are: .50 and .54 and the barrel length is 36".

Fullstock percussion J&S Hawken style rifle featuring 1"x7/8"x36" .54 cal. barrel, fancy wood, upgraded Bob Roller lock, and upgraded color case hardened furniture. Weight is 8lb 7 oz. Sold