Kit Carson Rifles

A very close copy of the Kit Carson S. HAWKEN rifle on display at the Montezuma Lodge in New Mexico. I have taken some "artistic license" in that the wood on the pictured rifle is pretty fancy while the original is very plain and finished so dark it is almost black excepting the grip and forearm where the finish is worn down to bare wood. Dimensionally, this rifle is very close to the original in that the stock is from Don Stith's pattern that was taken directly from the original Carson rifle. This rifle features a .54 cal. deHaas barrel that is tapered from 1 1/8" at the breech to 1" at the muzzle, the barrel is a hair over 31" in length as was the original, and the LOP is 13.5". The barrel and trigger guard are slow rust-blued and all remaining furniture is bone pack color case-hardened as was the original. The escutchens are German silver. The lock and double set triggers are by R.E. Davis. The rifle weighs exactly 10lbs. 2oz. The rust bluing and bone pack color case-hardening are done in-house. This is a really nice rifle that is perfectly scaled for a smaller shooter or a person wanting a very original styled rifle in a compact size. Note: Kit Carson was only 5'2" tall and from all accounts, he handled a 10lb. Hawken just fine!