Current 2016 Pricing

Effective April 1st 2016

Please be aware that my pricing is not carved in stone; all of my rifle models are handmade and offer an opportunity for some variation within a given models historic guidelines. I will not build a rifle that would have been unavailable from the original Hawken brothers' shop excepting of course, the use of modern steel in the critical parts. The picture pages show rifles that are very representative of what one may expect from a given style. Some aspects of these rifles are open to interpretation such as flintlocks and I will happily build a rifle that follows the accepted style of such a rifle. So, with that in mind, the following is a pretty good guideline for my pricing.


Rifle with straight non-tapered barrel either 1” or 1 1/8” across the flats in: .50, .54, and .58cal. .62cal. available in 1 1/8” only and lengths to 36”. Rifle will come standard with hooked breech, fancy maple stock stained with aqua fortis, and finished with hand rubbed oil. Barrel and all iron trim will be hand draw-filed and slow-rust browned. Lock and double set triggers will be R.E Davis. Sights will be fixed open rear and copper base w. silver blade front.


Rifle as described above but using a tapered barrel of 1 1/8” at the breech and 1” at the muzzle. 34” or 36” lengths are standard. Standard calibers are: .50, .54, .58, and .62.


Percussion fullstock rifle using a 1” at the breech and 7/8” at the muzzle tapered barrel in .50 or .54 cal. These rifles are standard with the same features as my halfstock models.


Flintlock fullstock rifle is basically the same as the percussion model except it has a fixed breech, Chambers “White Lightning” touch hole liner. The standard lock is a reworked “Ashmore” style double throated L&R lock. This rifle can also be made using a non tapered 1” barrel up to .58 caliber.

Squirrel rifles:

These rifles may have been cheap “knockabouts” back in the day, but they're not now! They are small caliber, but tapered barrels, good locks and triggers, nice wood and hardware costs the same as it does for the big guys. A halfstock in .36, .38, or .40 cal. would have made the local folks from the Hawken era green with envy! The first rifles will feature case color/hardening on locks and furniture and custom John Getz tapered barrels.


My option list is pretty short as I already incorporate the best features as standard:

Bone Pack Case Coloring/Hardening - $205; includes breech, tang, hammer, lock-plate, butt plate, toe plate, and screws, all of which are case hardened and fire blued.

Extra-fancy wood - $275 Halfstock - $350 Fullstock

Custom peep sight - $125