This is the final Hawken style rifle that I am adding to the rifle styles that I will build. Many people are not aware that the Hawken brothers built many small caliber "local" rifles for the St. Louis area trade. For lack of a better name, I call them Squirrel rifles. The originals I have seen are typically slender, graceful, long barreled rifles ideal for off hand shooting. The example shown here is pretty typical as far as lines, barrel length, and overall size go. The pictured rifle features a .40 cal. deHaas barrel that is 36" long and tapered from .890" at the breech to .800" at the muzzle, the breech is hooked for easy takedown. The nicely scaled down lock is by Bob Roller as are the double set triggers. The stock is a stunning piece of curly maple darkened with aqua fortis and finished with a traditional hand rubbed oil and is topped off with a pewter nose cap. All of the metal work on this rifle is finished with a slow rust brown, color case hardening is available on the lock, breech, and furniture. Barrel lengths can be had from 32"-36", calibers available are: .32, .36, 40, and .45. Two barrel sets can also be done.

Personally, I just love this little rifle. The features that made these guns so popular 150 years ago are still valid today; they are light weight and trim for easy carrying, deadly accurate with virtually no recoil and in the .40 and .45 caliber are adequate for deer sized game where legal. Another big plus is the fact that in .40 cal. they consume about half the powder and 40% of the lead as does a .54 cal. rifle.

A really neat little rifle featuring two interchangeable tapered 35" barrels, .36 cal. and .45 cal. The rifle is built on a super piece of curly maple darkened with aqua fortis, finished with hand-rubbed oil, and capped off with a pewter nose cap. The Bob Roller custom percussion lock and double set triggers are bone pack color case hardened. The rifle weighs exactly seven pounds in .45 cal. and a fraction more with the .36 barrel. With the hooked breach and single wedge, it takes about thirty seconds to change the barrels and ram rods.