TAPER BARRELED GUNS are the “classic” Hawken halfstock configuration. These rifles are my favorites and are generally 1 1/8” at the breech and taper to 1” at the muzzle. They are available at 34” or 36” in length. The tapered barrel keeps the weight down and the balance point is moved back between the hands. A .58 cal. with a 34” barrel will weigh approx. 10lbs, 5oz. A .62 cal. will be about 3oz. less, and a .54 cal. will be about 3oz. more.

This is a pretty unique taper barrel rifle; it has all the features of a "normal" Hawken-style mountain rifle but it only weighs 8 lbs. The key to the light weight is the tapered 1137 ordnance steel barrel that is tapered from 15/16" at the breech to 13/16" at the muzzle, the barrel is 35" long and is .50 caliber. Most of the metal work on this rifle is scaled down a bit to keep the proportions correct for the slender fancy maple stock. The lock is a custom-made Bob Roller "squirrel rifle lock". In spite of the light weight, this rifle holds about as good as it gets for off-hand shooting; you won't find a realistic looking, Hawken-style rifle that will carry easier. This is a really nice gun. SOLD
Sample rifle featuring 1 1/8”x1”x34” .58 cal. Rice tapered barrel, R.E. Davis lock and triggers, standard fancy maple wood, browned furniture, tapered hickory ramrod, early style J&S oversize trigger guard. Weight is approximately 10lb 5oz. SOLD
Tapered-barrel halfstock featuring a deHaas 1 1/8"x1"X34" .58 cal. barrel and case-hardened furniture. Rumor has it that the owner of this rifle is terrorizing the VA muzzleloading scene! The photo's show how the wood comes alive and "dances" in the sun light.